All the information of the sector sustained in this vital fuel for Latin America integration and the improvement of the life quality of its inhabitants.
We cross the problems and activities of all those that participate in the activity, from the pipelines and distributors, including the conversion factories; manufacturers of parts, cylinders, compressors, refuelling stations, cars and trucks; complete equipment producers; national and international exhibitions and events; and also projects and investigations outposts that already allow to incorporate totally the heavy and passengers transport to the system.
In addition, we make know to potentials clients the enormous advantages to turn its vehicles to gas, as much from the economic point of view in relation to other fuels, like with respect to the environmental protection and the total security that show the statistics, even in case of traffic accidents.
In this sense, we offer the information necessary to concur to the factories properly authorized and the positioning of accredited equipment.
Also, we make different news articles with the protagonists from the sector, like for example, cameras, federations, associations, with its respective proposals, necessities and the essential communication to advance in a positive integration.
Furthermore, we maintain a direct communication with the regulating agency in Argentina (ENARGAS), ministries, secretariats, congressmen to make real a National law that projects with certainties a promissory and predictable future.


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