GNV Magazine.com is a digital magazine compromised with the Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) development in the world.
    Daily News Update: We accompanied every day the NGV constant advance in the different latitudes, renewing the content of GNV Magazine.com with the most journalistic rigor and international reaches. You will be able to find firstly the last features of the sector.
    Bilingual Newsletter: Our primary target consists on satisfying the information and interaction necessities of the different international actors from the NGV. In order to fulfil our mission effectively, we counted with two Newsletters (Spanish and English) of weekly distribution via electronic mail to 16.741 directions of the world, which allows us to generate an informative feedback with different mass media, local and foreign companies and governmental organisms to spread the news, innovations and opinions that are of interest for the sector, their users and the population in general.
    Companies & Products Diffusion: We publish products, institutional news and technological innovations with exclusive photographic / journalistic notes and interviews of our advertisers in America, Europe and Asia. In addition, the companies could direct to the visitors towards their corporative sites making only a click in anyone of the three banner designs that GNV Magazine.com offers.
    Commercial Contacts: GNV Magazine.com presents to its advertisers the possibility of making commercial contacts with the most outstanding companies dedicated to NGV at world-wide level.
    "Vehicle Gas" Radio: Through the website you can accede to the contents of the first radio program dedicated to the NGV in Latin America, and listen it alive in the entire continent, on Saturdays, from 10 to 11:30 hours, by 890 A.M. Radio.
    More Visitors: Since its appearance in March 2007, GNV Magazine.com comes registering a maintained increase in the number of different visits and seen pages, becoming an obligatory reference for the activity.
    Better Prices: Our banners are the most economic ones in the market due to the commitment assumed by GNV Magazine.com with vehicle gas growth at world-wide level, promoting the commerce between companies, States and individuals through the diffusion of the last events. As our slogan says, "More Information for Better Businesses."
    Exceptional Graphical Publications: We participated in the most important NGV conferences and exhibitions with the production of a magazine/catalogue (handbook) that constitutes a permanent consultation source, without expiration date, for those who wishes to know and contact to the most outstanding companies of the activity in the world, concentrating all the necessary information to import and export in only an exemplary.
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