India and the shift to natural gas
In his budget speech, the Indian finance minister hinted at a greater role for natural gas in India’s energy mix. The shift will help diversify our energy sources, reduce our import bills and cut pollution.
Gas, growth opportunity
The gas is a fuel efficient, with continuous and secure supply, competitive and respectful with the environment -is one of the cleanest fuel respect to emissions of greenhouse gases and gaseous pollutants.
Natural gas takes on another bastion of diesel
Warren Buffett’s Burlington Northern-Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad captured headlines earlier this year when it announced it would start trialling trains powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG).
Redeem: Strengthening a bridge to our renewable energy future
Developed by Clean Energy Fuels, Redeem is derived from biogenic methane, the gas that is released during the decomposition of organic waste at landfills and other agriculture waste sources.
Alternatives to a costly subsidy in Colombia
What other choice do we have? The country has natural gas. The price of the fuel, without state subsidies, is well below the cost of diesel or gasoline. Colombia has natural gas reserves to 14 years.
There are several advantages of CNG, both for the Bolivian economy and for users
Is no stranger that maintaining low prices of low prices of key fuels in Bolivia represents a constant headache for the Government. In addition to disburse large amounts of money for this item, this measure creates market disturbances.
Natural Gas Vehicles: competitive and sustainable option
Why not give natural gas a chance to reduce pollution levels generated by the transport sector, extending its use to all kinds of vehicles and in particular on public transportation?
The retail market for natural gas vehicles in Colombia
The use of natural gas in 2010 accounted for about a quarter of global energy consumption and gas production, according to data from the International Energy Agency, is expected to double between 2000 and 2030.
Five years of Pickens Plan, results in natural gas
With the theme "Time to stop America's addiction to OPEC oil" and leveraged in the U.S. shale gas boom, Boone Pickens has traveled across the United States making presentations before different audiences.
The option for natural gas vehicles
There is no objective technical basis for the current ban in Chile that prevents a particular car can be converted to natural gas, and it is good that the public has it right.
Japan government must introduce measures to popularize use of CNG trucks
In promoting environmental measures, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it has become a challenge to have trucks, a major means of distributing goods, emit less pollution.
Why shale gas could be the saviour of Britain’s environmental targets
The debate around shale gas has been dominated by the economic benefits of production and the perceived risks of hydraulic fracturing. But we shouldn’t lose sight of the wider environmental picture.
Shale gas: transforming the automotive industry
Vehicles powered by natural gas have an operating cost much lower than vehicles fueled by gasoline or diesel, and produce fewer emissions and pollutants, according to the Department of Energy of the United States.
Natural gas for domestic use and export
Israel was blessed by significant discoveries of natural gas over the past four years in the deep water off its Mediterranean coasts. These discoveries allow Israel to shift its power generation and industry to utilize domestic, cheap and clean fuel.
Natural Gas Trucking: A Made-in-B.C. Success Story
My company, Progressive Waste Solutions, is announcing at the conference that we are making a commitment to significantly increase our share of natural gas vehicles.
The return of natural gas
The share of natural gas in Chile's energy matrix has been steadily increasing in recent years, and this has gone hand in hand with its growing global positioning as a friendly fuel for the environment.
Natural Gas in Transport: Tomorrow's Fuel Today
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a rapidly growing part of the larger natural gas industry and is especially relevant today because of the increasing global demand for transportation fuels.
Blue Corridor 2012 NGV Rally: Reflection and Looking Forward
Participation was robust, as CNG and LNG-fuelled trucks, buses and passenger cars from six countries joined the caravan at different points. The rally consisted of a wide array of makes and models.
The future is in natural gas
Since natural gas became a key part of the energy mix, Colombia has been concerned with finding new sources to ensure production meets domestic demand, which includes household, industrial, vehicular and thermal energy production.
Liter to liter at gasoline filling stations, why not natural gas?
This seems to be time to turn to see other cheapest and cleanest fuels, and to develop the use of natural gas in an orderly way, where Mexico has a large vein.
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