Nigeria goes green with compressed natural gas fueled trucks

November 29, 2018. Powergas Nigeria has joined an exclusive club of companies who have taken concrete steps to ensure that their operations become eco-friendly. In line with its three year developmental goals, Powergas has successfully initiated the pilot project to employ CNG powered trucks for its operations in order to reduce its carbon footprint and also encourage the use of Nigerian natural gas as a primary source of fuel.

   By taking this decision, the company has positioned itself as an organization which believes that economic business model and environmental protection need not be exclusive of each other. This green initiative by Powergas gives assurance to both customers and other stakeholders that CNG is the way to go to reduce the negative impact of business operations on the environment.

   CNG burns cleaner than other fossil fuel, emitting up to 25 percent fewer greenhouse gases. Deepak Khilnani, Chief Executive Officer of Powergas Africa said it is a cleaner burning fuel that makes engines in CNG trucks run 75 percent quieter and has much lower harmful emissions — such as carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases — than diesel fuel.

   “By encouraging the use of alternatively fueled vehicles, we are helping create jobs and reduce Nigeria’s dependency on imported petroleum products. Using cleaner-burning fuel also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollutants. Cleaner air will protect the environment and the health of all Nigerians throughout the expected life-span of these vehicles. Consumers and businesses also will save money by using a domestically produced, lower-cost alternative fuel.”


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