New dual fuel technology for trucks in Australia

November 30, 2018. A dual-fuel hybrid truck trialed at New Hope Group’s New Acland mine in Queensland, Australia, has captured the attention of the global mining industry.

   The high-density compressed natural gas (CNG) truck has proven to be a worthy substitute to diesel-powered machines after completing a 21-month trial and registering 6.200 hours in real-world conditions at the mine. It has overcome weight and space issues that previously limited technology using compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas on trucks.

   The trial, a collaboration between the New Acland mine, Mine Energy Solutions (MES) and Hastings Deering, has revealed a series of environmental, safety and financial benefits, including a 25–30 per cent reduction in fuel costs.

   According to the companies, the technology also delivered a reduction in greenhouse gases of more than 30 per cent, a reduction in diesel particulate emissions of more than 80 per cent, and the capability to operate a full 12-hour shift without refueling.

   They believe the system, if used globally, could remove 21 million tones of greenhouse gas emissions per annum once the 44,000 trucks operating around the world are factored in.


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