Maruti plans to comply with ecological standards with CNG models

February 8, 2019. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd is doubling down on compressed natural gas (CNG) powered vehicles as the nation’s largest carmaker steps up efforts to meet the upcoming fuel efficiency norms aimed at curbing extensive air pollution in major cities.

   The Indian unit of Suzuki Motor Corp. has asked dealerships to bid for licenses to set up their own CNG dispensing stations to keep pace with the company’s plan of selling about 200.000 CNG passenger vehicles annually by 2022 by introducing more models that run on the eco-friendly fuel.

   Maruti’s strategy to focus on vehicles that run on cleaner fuels stems from the Union government’s plan to introduce Bharat Stage VI emission norms in 2020 and subsequently stricter fuel efficiency rules in the second phase of the Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency norms by 2022.

   The norms require cars to become 10% or more fuel efficient between 2017 and 2021 and 30% or more fuel efficient from 2022. The mileage improvement will be decided on the basis of liters of fuel consumed by a vehicle to run 100km. CNG is regarded as an affordable way to meet the norms, especially with diesel coming under the scanner from the courts and authorities.

   Maruti’s internal target of selling 200.000 CNG vehicles by 2022 will comprise about 10-12% of its annual sales, the people cited earlier said. The company has sold about half a million CNG cars between 2010 and 2018.


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