Emirates Transport plans to convert its entire vehicle fleet to natural gas

March 16, 2011. Emirates Transport plans to transfer its entire fleet of 10.500 commercial vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG) and CNG/hybrid engines in a partnership with ADNOC as part of a major initiative to provide more sustainable and eco-friendly transportation services.

   The federal government organisation made the announcement at the Commercial Vehicles Middle East exhibition in Dubai, saying the move to replace diesel with CNG/hybrid engines for its 6.500 strong fleet of buses, light and heavy trucks, and minivans will result in a 40% reduction of CO2 emissions. It also said transferring the 4.000 cars and other commercial vehicles in its fleet from petrol to CNG engines will bring a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions and cut fuel costs in half.

   One of the largest transportation and services enterprises in the Middle East, the Dubai-based Emirates Transport has commissioned feasibility studies by Italian and Dutch experts.

   Emirates Transport also confirmed that it is currently undergoing partnership negotiations with Emarat and EPPCO to establish CNG filling points at gas stations across Dubai and Sharjah.

   The next step will be to transfer the Dubai Police fleet of 2.000 cars and the Sharjah taxi fleet of 5.500 vehicles to CNG engines.


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