Conversions to CNG rose more than 50% in Argentina

January 4, 2019. After having gone through one of the most difficult periods of its history, in 2018 compressed natural gas (CNG) was once again one of the alternatives of mobility preferred by Argentines.

   Due to increases in gasoline, equipment conversions climbed 51.6 percent over the previous year totaling 141.692 units switched to CNG.

   Even, the interannual evolution index is the best of the last ten years, surpassing what happened in 2010, when the transformations reached 50 percent compared to 2009.

   According to the statistics released by the National Gas Regulatory Entity (Enargas), July was the busiest month, followed by October and November. Buenos Aires was the province in which more vehicles migrated to natural gas while a little behind were Cordoba, Santa Fe and Mendoza.

   According to Enargas, 1.652.939 vehicles powered by the gaseous fuel circulate in the country. 14.437 are taxis; 19.725 pick ups; 2.532 are official vehicles; 1.613.714 are private, while there are only 3 motorcycles running on gas.

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