Association proposes to Bolsonaro change diesel by gas in buses and trucks

January 4, 2019. The replacement of buses and diesel trucks with natural gas units would reduce the emission of pollutants by 70% and would help the country save billions of reais a year. The proposal is from the Brazilian Association of Piped Gas Distributing Companies (Abegás) and consists of a 52-page document delivered to the President Jair Bolsonaro.

   The document contains suggestions for developing a national policy to stimulate the use of natural gas - for example, for generating electricity, increasing consumption by industry, in residences and in commerce.

   "The use of CNG in heavy vehicles (trucks and buses), for example, would reduce the emission of pollutants by 70%." The economy in the area of ??public health, by avoiding diseases related to air pollution, would be of the order of R$ 40 billion a year," said Marcelo Mendonça, Manager of Strategy and Competitiveness of Abegás.

   The entity cites the expectation of increasing Brazilian production of natural gas, due to the exploitation of pre-salt reserves. It also recalls the goals stipulated by the Paris Agreement, of which Brazil is a signatory, which provide for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 43% by 2030.

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