Natural gas for vehicles gains strength in Pernambuco
The number of drivers who are making the bills and adopting natural gas in their vehicles is increasing to save more time of filling the tank in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil.
Putin highlights the use of natural gas as a vehicular fuel
In a recent event in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin has just said his belief was that vehicles that run on natural gas would be better for “saving the planet”.
CNG Fuels wins award for the development of renewable natural gas
CNG Fuels’ achievement in offering road transport operators a cost-effective, low carbon alternative to diesel won an award from the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership at its Low Carbon Champions Awards.
    Locomotives at Obskaya – Bovanenkovo railroad to be fueled with LNG  
    Deltamarin unveils LNG-fueled multipurpose inland vessel design  
New Oasis light duty NGV1 transit nozzle
Oasis Engineering announces the release of their Light Duty NGV1 Transit Nozzle. With improved ergonomics and redesigned operating functions for public station use, the Oasis Light Duty NGV1 Transit Nozzle is set to make waves in the CNG industry.
Galileo Group to inaugurate the first thermoelectric plant independent of gas pipelines
On September 15, Methax, the generator company of the Galileo Group, will inaugurate its new thermoelectric power plant in the town of Anchoris, Province of Mendoza. The event will be attended by the provincial authorities.
    Kioshi promotes natural gas vehicles in football stadiums  
    Galileo Technologies to supply LNG from stranded gas wells to power generation  
Interview with José Ramón Freire
The online media interviewed the President of the Spanish Association of Natural Gas for Mobility (Gasnam), José Ramón Freire, who talked about the future of the gaseous fuel for transportation in Spain.
    Interview with Peter Zolotarev  
    Interview with Diego Goldin  
India and the shift to natural gas
In his budget speech, the Indian finance minister hinted at a greater role for natural gas in India’s energy mix. The shift will help diversify our energy sources, reduce our import bills and cut pollution.
Gas, growth opportunity
The gas is a fuel efficient, with continuous and secure supply, competitive and respectful with the environment -is one of the cleanest fuel respect to emissions of greenhouse gases and gaseous pollutants.
    Natural gas takes on another bastion of diesel  
    Redeem: Strengthening a bridge to our renewable energy future  
Ministry of Railways inaugurated India’s first CNG powered train
Union Minister for Railways Suresh Prabhu on January 13, 2015 inaugurated India’s first compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered train on the Rewari – Rohtak link of Northern Zone.
    CNG powered SEAT vehicle hand-over to Port of Barcelona to promote technology  
    Tata Motors officially launched its Nano CNG emax in India  
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7th ANGVA Biennial International Conference & Exhibition
Based on 28th ANGVA Board meeting held in January 2015, Islamic Republic of Iran has been officiated as host of the 7th ANGVA Biennial International conference and Exhibition (ANGVA 2017).

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