Interview with José Ramón Freire
The online media interviewed the President of the Spanish Association of Natural Gas for Mobility (Gasnam), José Ramón Freire, who talked about the future of the gaseous fuel for transportation in Spain.
Interview with Peter Zolotarev
GAZ Group parent Russian Machines, claims CNG is the cheapest of commonly used motor fuels, with costs per 100km almost 60% lower than for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).
Interview with Diego Goldin
Chosen to lead the NGV Global, Diego Goldin not only considers the designation a great personal honor, but also a recognition of years of dedication and effort in a project who was born in Argentina and has spread literally around the globe.
Interview with John Finn
John Finn, Business Development Manager of FIBA Technologies, Inc., talks about the current situation of the company, its main products and their vision of the compressed natural gas (CNG) market in the United States.
Interview with Francisco Isoldi
Commercial Manager of Kioshi Compresion SA, Francisco Isoldi, referred to the consumption comparative trials with two KIA K2500 vehicles, one diesel original and one converted to CNG, organized by the Argentine producer of cylinders on May 19, 2012.
Interview with Hernan Vega
Hernan Vega, Executive Director of the Implementing Entity for Natural Gas Vehicles Conversion of Bolivia, announced that this year will be converted 44.610 vehicles. Currently, the entity receives Bs 7 million (USD 1 million) each month.
Interview with Dr. Juan Carlos Bolcich
We interviewed Dr. Juan Carlos Bolcich, President of the Argentina Association for Hydrogen (AAH2), who spoke about his recent appointment as Vice President for South America of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE).
Interview about Flashlube P/L
Rishi Garg, Marketing Coordinator of Flashlube P/L, referred to the revolutionary formula developed by the Australian company to solve the problem of the valve seat recession on vehicles converted to gaseous fuels such as CNG, LNG and LPG.
Interview with Fausto Maranca
Fausto Maranca, president of the Argentina Chamber of Compressed Natural Gas, highlighted the great momentum within the sector at present and explained the ambitious plans that the institution has to develop the use of CNG in local heavy transport.
Interview with Dr. Franz-Xavier Soeldner
Jeffrey Seisler, CEO of Clean Fuels Consulting, talked with Dr. Franz-Xavier Soeldner about the European Commission’s developing policies for alternative fuels, and specifically about the development of the NGV infrastructure.
Interview with Wojciech Korczynski
We talk to Wojciech Korczynski, director general of the Polish company VERSUS GAS, who expressed the intention to enter with force in the market for natural gas vehicles (NGV) of South American countries with the aim of becoming one of its main actors.
Interview with Ernesto Lopez Anadon
We spoke with Eng. Ernesto Lopez Anadon, president of the Argentine Institute of Oil and Gas, who referred to the Eighth International Exhibition of Oil and Gas (Argentina Oil & Gas Expo 2001) and the Interactive Energy Congress.
Interview with Marco Ferretti
Marco Ferretti, A.E.B. Alternative Fuel Electronics Sales Manager, talks about the new trends for electronic devices for CNG vehicles, the last products of his company and also analyzes the main virtues of A.E.B.
Interview with Fausto Maranca
We had an exclusive interview with Fausto Maranca, president of the Argentina Chamber of Compressed Natural Gas (CAGNC), who referred to the significant potential of his country regarding the use of natural gas to heavy transport.
Interview with Marcos Muñoz Cvjetkovic
We interviewed Marcos Muñoz Cvjetkovic, General Manager of Movigas, who shared his vision about the development of natural gas in urban transport in Chile, because of the new fleet of CNG buses introduced in the city of Punta Arenas.
Interview with Lee Giok Seng
We interviewed Lee Giok Seng, Secretary of the Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicle Association, who spoke on the challenges of gas vehicles in the region, the most exciting markets for NGV investment and the increasing role of the Association.
Interview with Fausto Maranca
We had an exclusive interview with Fausto Maranca, new president of the Compressed Natural Gas Argentine Chamber (CAGNC), who claimed that it is time for the Argentine industry to provide a major step in its internal and external development.
Interview with Khandaker Atiqur Rahman
We interviewed Khandaker Atiqur Rahman, Secretary General of the Bangladesh Natural Gas Vehicles Association (BANGVA), who referred to the current situation of gas vehicles in the Asian country, its problems and the future of this market.
Interview with Alfredo Cabrera
In exclusive statements to GNV, Eng. Alfredo Cabrera of the company Control Gas from Ecuador emphasized the high potential of business related to natural gas vehicles (NGV) found in the South American country.
Interview with Tim Mayson
Tim Mayson, International Sales Engineer for Compac Industries Ltd., talked about the present of New Zealand company at worldwide level, its main products and plans for the rest of the year.
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