Interview with José Ramón Freire

   The online media interviewed the President of the Spanish Association of Natural Gas for Mobility (Gasnam), José Ramón Freire, who talked about the future of the gaseous fuel for transportation in Spain. Gasnam was born with the aim of moving the public the advantages of natural gas in transportation and advocate for the need to promote from the public administration a commitment to this activity, in order to comply with the recent directive to use fuel less harmful to the environment such as natural gas.


What is the main demand of the sector to overcome the barriers to natural gas vehicles?


   The raw material of natural gas is cheaper than the fuel, but also has the advantage of taxation. One of the objectives of Gasnam is that this tax remains intact until there is a significant share. Natural gas for vehicles has a reduced excise duty. The future scenario is that the public administration is interested in this subject by the need to diversify as for environmental issues. Also, it is the way to make a professional fuel and avoid the use of polluting fuel oils in shipping.


What are the changes that the government should address?


   Government should create an infrastructure for manufacturers to make huge investments in the assembly, but they must have a firm commitment by the administration. If there is not a clear commitment and higher taxes in the future, the industry can not extend the investment. Taxation must be maintained for manufacturers to know what to play. If the government does not do something to overcome the synergies of the market, it is very difficult to change the dynamics. We're seeing that the market shows a diesel with less consumption and higher performance because it knows that will sure to be on the same as the competition is doing. If one gets a different path run much risk. This risk needs to be supported and while the sector has adequate volume and no scale charges, it will be appropriate to reduce taxation.


What is the volume needed to reach this relevant fee?


   When you have a market share of 10 to 15 percent will be able to compete on equal terms. The tax incentive in Europe has been improperly for diesel vehicles, which has been advancing and developing more efficient engines thanks to the tax incentive. However, by the “polluter pays” principle it should pay a higher tax rate.


Is there any pressure from the oil companies?


   Not only oil companies, but also the transportation sector, because they can not use gasoline, they have to use diesel.


Interview by L. Lopez / R. Esteller

December 3, 2013


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